How to measure windows for trade shutters

Measuring your customer windows couldn’t be easier! How to measure your windows for shutters

We don’t need exact window sizes in order to provide a written quotation for your customer’s shutters. We do need rough sizes for an estimate though, which we e-mail you after you get a quote. The estimate will be a good indication of the cost of your fully fitted shutters if you get roughly the right window sizes. Read on to see how simple it is…

  • Take a tape measure (ideally a metal one) and offer it up to the window where the frame is (as the red lines in the illustration).
  • Make a note of the size for the width and height. If you are interested in getting several windows fitted with shutters, please measure them all and we will give you a total price estimate.
  • If the window doesn’t have a large frame, or isn’t recessed like this one, simply measure to the edge of the glass.

We don’t need an exact size at this stage. If you like our written estimate, our consultant will measure exactly  for a final cost when you invite us for a final quotation. That’s it!

We will ensure the fit is perfect if you proceed. 

For examples of specific types of windows and how to measure them see below:

View our detailed measuring guides for specific window types below

How to measure bay windows for shutters

How to measure a bay window for interior shutter sizes

Measure along the red lines to get the dimensions of a bay window.

Bays are probably one of the most common window types which people choose to have us install shutters onto and luckily measuring them for a quote is super easy. For bays the heights will be identical on each of the windows so you only really need to measure heights once (we only need a rough height for a quote). If there are three sections to your bay, you would have three widths and three heights (heights all the same). If you have a four section bay, there would be four – it really is that simple! Bays can go right up to eight or nine sections and each window has to have it’s own shutter so please provide all the measurements for us.

Read more about shutters for bay windows here

Measuring standard windows

Measuring a standard window for shutters

Measuring a standard window for full height shutters is easy, simply follow the red lines

Standard windows are the simplest to measure in order to get the dimensions for interior shutters. Take your tape measure and get the longest distances for the height and width of the window. Measuring just outside the glass is probably easiest, as in our example shown. If you make an appointment with a consultant, he’ll take precise dimensions for your specific windows, based on the shutters you prefer for that window. Your measurements are just a rough guide to get an idea of prices.

Half height or Cafe style shutters

Half height or cafe shutters measuring guide

Measure along the lines shown to the approximate height you would like the cafe style to cover.

Once again we are sure you will find that measuring for half height shutters is easy and similar to regular windows above. The difference being that you should only get a height roughly as high as you would like the shutter panels to reach. Please note that the height must be a minimum of 40 cm for us to be able to be able to manufacture the cafe style shutters. Most people opt for the top of the panel to be in-line with the window divider, which looks fabulous!

Check our page of cafe shutters for more information on these popular products.

How to measure special shaped windows

How to measure odd shaped windows for interior shutters

Measure along the red lines to get an approximate size for any odd shaped windows

For any and all special or odd shaped windows we always need the longest dimensions. For example if you have a round windows we need the measurement which is from the widest part as shown. The same applies to triangles or curved windows like a sunshine arch. It’s really simple to measure as shown in our simple diagrams.

Read more about our beautiful shutters for special shaped windows.

How to measure doors for interior shutters

How to measure internal doors for shutters

Measuring doors is easy, simply follow the red lines shown.

French doors and any other interior door can be measured in the same way as windows, whether they are straight or have a curved shape at the top. In the image shown we will have two panels because there are two doors. Don’t worry about where the handle will go, we will take care of all of that for you. We only need a rough dimension at the first stage for a quote. If you decide to proceed with us, our consultant will get perfect measurements for you.

If you work in the property sector contact our trade shutters account manager to find out how we can help your business grow.

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