Bay window Shutters

Bay window shutters are one of our most popular installations in the UK. Why are there so many bay windows on UK houses? We’re not sure although a read of this lovely article about domestic architecture from Bristol University explains wonderfully the in-and-out of fashion for the humble bay window here in the UK. Bays were definitely back in vogue by Victorian times after a Georgian resurgence. Many houses were built in those eras that we have many enquiries from potential customers to find out the cost of shutters for bay windows, who live in historic properties.

Regardless of the age of home you live in, bay windows are perfect for interior shutters. No matter whether the more common three section bay or more, we have the perfect solution for you!

Which shutters suit bay windows?

The most common type of bay windows we come across are box bays and curved bays, although we’ve seen just about every type possible. We’ve made a fun graphic at the bottom of the page of the most common types in the UK.

The good news is that for any room in your house, bay windows are perfect for shutters. Bedrooms might suit full height or tier on tier (see them here in our ranges). Downstairs bays in a lounge or diner could be ideal for cafe style shutters as these let the most light in and look super stylish. If you have very large bays, consider the slat sizes you will be choosing as this can make a big difference to the overall style of the room.

We have installed shutters for all types of bays which include;

  • curved
  • ones which have up to eight sections (Octagonal)
  • several which were square – or box shaped

classic wooden floors into bay window with matching shuttersWhatever the number of sections yours has we can cater for them all with our cheap bay window shutters! Don’t worry at all if you have replaced the glass with double glazing, this is very common nowadays and we can install our products over uPVC frames no problem! Our whole installation process is easy and hassle free for you, including protruding handles on bay windows which can cause concern as they stick out so far, but really aren’t a problem at all. Similarly having non straight walls or slightly sagging floors are pretty common with older historic properties, and our chaps will ensure every care is taken when installing the window dressings, working hard to overcome any ‘character‘ that your property may have!

Love the idea? What’s next…

Measuring up for a quotation if you have bay windows is easy too. Whether you want full height or half height solid wood, we have an excellent guide for measuring for window shutters here. All you need is a metal tape measure and possibly a stool or ladder, depending on how tall your bay is. You may opt for a dividing rail, or tier on tier openings for your windows. That is one of the joys of our ranges of plantation shutters on this type of window as they really are perfectly versatile!

Most common types of bay seen in the UK

Box Bay
Bow Window (rounded bay)
Circle Bay
Semi Hexagonal
Semi Octagonal
Triangle bay
Oriel Window

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