Odd shaped window shutters

Britain is blessed with many architectural features on both historic and new-build properties. For our purposes we’re interested in the diverse odd shaped windows which adorn some of our homes. Regular windows also come in a wealth of styles, such as bay windows and cafe style which are all perfect for window shutters. However for the lucky home owners with odd shaped windows Cheap Shutters have a multitude of perfect solutions.

Check out the images in our gallery for special window shutter shapes. We think they make for an excellent solution!

What are the advantages of shutters for odd shaped widows?

Triangular window shuttersWooden shutters provide the ideal solution to covering odd windows, whatever shape they might be. Shutters can be measured and cut to virtually any shape making for the ideal solution. What’s more, all of our shutter design features  can be incorporated into the special shape. Measuring and fitting is a breeze for our consultants and craftsmen making for quick and efficient fitting. Using other window treatments such as curtains loses the very nature of the shapes, hanging straight down to hide the window. Other options exist however we obviously feel that shutters provide the best solution!

Can odd shaped windows be made energy efficient?

Measure odd shaped windows for shuttersWe know that shutters provide an energy efficient insulation from shutters to window coverings and shaped windows are the same. With a well fitted frame and wooden slats closed, heat is kept within the house better than other window coverings. When coupled with the design features enhancing your beautiful shapes we believe we have a winning solution for odd shaped windows! You can read more about making older windows more energy efficient at Historic England historic window efficiency.

If you are lucky enough to have these architecturally interesting feature windows please get in touch and we will provide a quotation for fitting our cheap shutters. Remember our products have a five year guarantee and come custom made for your windows, why not measure your windows for a quotation today.

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