Which slat sizes are available for our plantation shutters?

Sizes and styles to suit all tastes

Choosing which shutter slat sizes are best for your window shutters is important as it can really make or break how your room will end up looking. We do have skilled designers and our friendly staff will help you make the decision, however it’s good to have a head start so that you can visualise how our shutters will look in your chosen room.

Essentially its logical that the bigger the window the larger the slat size will look good. Average window sizes of say 1-2 metres will suit 64mm and 89mm – it comes down to personal preference and colour in a way. If you opt for bright colours or particularly dark stained slats, you might want to go large.

We are seeing a trend towards getting larger slats these days. They definitely look great, can be less fussy, especially if you have a patterned wallpaper in your home and they cost the same too! The only one which costs more is ironically the smallest slat and that is because so much wood is used. Ask our staff for more information.

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How do different slats look

See our plantation shutter slats illustration

The illustration shows the four slat sizes which we offer and the pictures show how these might look in your home. Don’t forget we also offer solid shutters – panels without slats, read more about solid shutters here.

  • 47mm – Thinnest slats, mostly for small windows, such as in hallways, portholes or other small areas
  • 64mm – One of our best sellers, this size slat is common on many window sizes and looks fantastic whatever style your room is in.
  • 89mm – We love larger slats, they are definitely coming into vogue these days and make windows look appealing with a bigger size in mind
  • 114mm – Statement sized slats, perfect for taller windows like those in a loft conversion, big is beautiful and very architectural

All of our products are custom made to your exact specifications.

Style and design options are chosen with you for durable and beautiful additions to your home.

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