Can plantation shutters work in any room?

This section of our site is dedicated to showing how plantation shutters work in different room types.

tier shutters for extra light

Using tier on tier shutters can add extra light.

When considering having plantation shutters installed you can be sure that whichever room you are considering, they will make a great fit! Unlike most other window coverings, shutters are very versatile so can be mounted in different ways and open in different ways. They can also be made of different materials which provides flexibility. You can get waterproof ones for a bathroom and when combined with blackout roller blinds, can make a darker bedroom. So if you are thinking ‘which rooms suit shutters’ we will demonstrate that the entire house could have shutters installed and look jolly nice for it too. Check our ranges of shutters here.

My rooms have odd shaped windows

Fairly often we do find that homes have non square windows. ie arched windows or curved ones. We are pretty confident that If this is the case shutters are your best solution. That’s because they can be made to any shape and fitted perfectly around the opening. With curtains and blinds they will naturally hang outside the window shape. It’s also hard to get rounded blinds and curtains. We see unusual shaped windows in various rooms from hallways to bedrooms and in downstairs rooms such as lounges etc. Once again we feel shutters come up trumps when considering which rooms to install them in.

Do shutters make rooms too dark?

Privacy and light control with lounge shutters

Control the light in your lounge with slatted plantation shutters

Sometimes potential customers feel like shutters may block out too much light. We mention this in our page the cons of shutters. Whilst it is true that curtains may be pulled back (not always, it depends how they are hung) and blinds can generally be pulled up out of the way. The same is true for shutters. They can be opened up and pulled away from the window. However, if the rooms you are considering shutters for get a lot of direct sunlight, you might actually find that keeping just the slats angled not only lets plenty of light still flood in, but you also control the temperature quite a lot. So rather than drawing the curtains completely, you can angle the slats and still have a bright but cool room. So there are definitely pro’s and con’s but we feel there is a good way round it either way.

Can shutters be installed on doors?
French door shutters showing cut out for handle

Drawing of French Door shutters and how the handle slots are cut out

Yes! Whichever room you have with doors, shutters can be installed onto them. In fact, French doors opening onto garden spaces are really popular for window shutters. Interior doors can also have shutters installed on them as well as screens between rooms or for dressing. They really are very versatile. For door mounting, we cut away a section for the door handles so they look extra smart. No flapping around, no banging as the door is opened. We believe once again they are the best solution as window coverings for doors and they don’t slap and bang around when opening the door itself.

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