Living room and lounge shutters

Whether you are entertaining, relaxing, playing on the console or simply hanging out, lounges and living rooms are an important room in any home. There are endless ways to choose how you decorate and style a living room, Homify website has some brilliant ideas and inspiration if you are planning an update of your lounge. We’re not all interior designers, nor do we all employ a designer to help create our perfect living room space. This often makes achieving designer looks hard to achieve. Not to mention budgetary restraints. This is where installing living room or lounge shutters can really help to elevate a design to the next level.

The gallery of images shows a selection of lounges with beautiful window shutters. From bold red statement to soft white slats which will compliment any style!

Functional for living rooms

A cosy corner created with lounge shuttersLounges are often on the ground floor and will sometimes overlook a street or pavement at the front of the house. This means using a window covering which creates privacy as well as light control is useful. You get both with window shutters. Privacy comes as slats can be angled to stop prying eyes looking into your room and light control comes with that in the same way of angling the slats. It’s true to say that security is a concern for home owners these days and with shutters you get a solid layer of window covering. This presents not only a physical barrier for any would be thieves, but also a psychological one as seeing thick large shutters might put someone with ill intention off.

Other functionality which lounge shutters offer to a living space are their space saving and versatility. Whichever window type your lounge has, whether bay windows, single windows or doors opening onto a garden, window shutters will cover them in the most efficient way possible. There’s some evidence that shutters help with insulation too, so your room will benefit from a little warmth as well as privacy. There are different styles of shutter which could be the right solution for your lounge. Cafe style are fabulous for leaving plenty of light entering the top. Tier on tier work in the same way, but cover the whole window, letting you close off the entire shutter when you choose. You may also be inclined to have solid panel shutters. These will look perfect in larger rooms or where there may be wooden panelling on the walls.

If you are deciding on getting new window coverings in your lounge, we can definitely help! Once you have a shutters quotation our consultant will normally visit your home and demonstrate our shutters for you. You’ll be able to see our choice of colours and materials and decide which works best in your lounge. We give you a final quote and if you want to proceed we put the order in for you! There’s an argument that window shutters could increase the value of your home. Read our article to see if you agree.

Seeing whether your sofa works with shutters or any other larger furniture is a big decision. Why not check our gallery for more ideas.

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