Detail of solid wooden shutters insulate your windows

Shutters insulate your windows and keep the cold out

With the climate shifting we all experience new weather patterns wherever we live. It’s getting hotter in summer, colder in winter and wetter or dryer depending on the time of year. We’re always looking for ways to insulate our homes, both from the heat and the cold and shutters can definitely help. The Cheap Shutter Co. can certainly help with some great ways to insulate your windows!

Keep out the cold with wooden shutters to insulate your windowsWith cold hitting Britain like February 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’ there’s a lot of snow around these days. Insulating your home is a great way of keeping warmer, more comfortable as well as saving money on ever more expensive utility bills. Historic Environment Scotland study climate change amongst other things and state that wooden shutters will help with heat loss from home windows. Click here to read about reducing heat loss with shutters.

Shutters are better than curtains at insulating your windows

According to the same study by Historic Environment Scotland wooden shutters will insulate your windows better than curtains. It is logical as there won’t be gaps when drafts blow in older windows. Air is trapped between the wood and glass panes, providing an area which warms up. That makes wooden shutters perfect for adding an extra layer of protection when keeping your house warm during cold winter nights. Why not measure your windows now and grab a free quotation from The Cheap Shutter Company now.

Double up your window coverings for extra insulation

Detail of solid wooden shutters insulate your windowsIf you want the ultimate insulation for your windows, combing shutters with another covering could be the answer. For example adding roller blinds inside the shutters is a great space saving way to add an extra layer of warmth. You can also hang curtains outside of your window shutters. This gives and opulent and insulating later to keep you toasty in winter. Of course having more than one window treatment will add cost to your upgrades, but there’s a lot to be said for being comfortable when it is snowing outside!

The Cheap Shutter Company of course have great solutions for window shutters in any room! We know how fab it feels to have your slats closed when it’s snowing outside, keeping the drafts out and enjoying a few extra minutes in bed. And the romantic feeling of having light filter through the slats in the morning when you do open your shutters is a wonderful feeling. You don’t just get a fuzzy feeling from having window shutters fitted, your home may go up in value too and they might be more affordable than you think!

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